elvia perrin
My approach is pragmatic and often monotonous relating back to need to find balance and control.

I often create finished prints or drawings that I then I cut up, reassemble, reorganize and print on top of the original image to find a new order.

My process develops through a dialogue between an idea and making.
Through editing, overlapping, stacking and layering of ink and images.
I use grids, sewing templates, office labels and other everyday organizational materials.

The grids create a controlled system to draw my squares and shapes by hand. There is an evidence of time in my mark making.
I explore the repetitiveness of multiplicity of the image, the organization patterns and surfaces through overlaying ink and the contradictions of formalism with sectioning and shape.

Through printmaking I can exploit the redundancy of the matrix and use my plates as a visual language, layering and reusing plates to create various monoprints.

My prints are a convergence of order and reordering and the revealing and veiling of organized systems and personal habits.
I explore the banal of formalism, find order in the layering textures and traces of patterns with a quiet minimalist approach.